The Key to Freedom in America

This is an offensive strategy that began with a few Members of Congress, however with the help of the CPCFoundation, it is now an unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying legislators and citizens that is sweeping the nation.

This is a top-down, bottom-up synergistic strategy that is pushing back the anti-faith groups that are strategizing and seeking to silence praying government officials, citizens, and you! Elected leaders across America are responding with a resounding voice, “Not on our watch!”

Exposing the Lies

We are faced with two generations of citizens that have been bombarded with lies and half – truths about the Christian foundation on which our entire nation rests; and has been the key to maintaining true freedom and prosperity. The time is now to open their eyes and remind them we are a prosperous nation because our Founders declared, “In God We Trust”.

In November, Congress voted 396-9 to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as our national motto,and in so doing they initiated a campaign to inscribe those four words in every school classroom, government building and ultimately on the hearts of Americans.

We are putting God back up in the public square; we are taking the initiative to make sure that it is in every public school, government building, and business.  It is up to us; we must take this opportunity to see God restored to His rightful place in American culture; anti-God groups have no defense against it!

Prayer Caucus Network Exploding as Courageous Legislators and Citizens Take Action

Joining with 105 members of Congress, the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation announced two more state legislatures that have added to the growing American Prayer Caucus Network, a network of like-minded national and state leaders who are leading this unprecedented move; an effort not seen since the challenges that our Founding Fathers faced over two hundred years ago.

We are not willing to simply defend our right to be a nation that trusts in God, we are working tirelessly to implement an aggressive offensive strategy to impact government, leaders, and education.

We hope you are encouraged to hear about what your elected leaders are doing and how we have been able to duplicate their efforts in state governments. You can find out more about us or our other initiatives at www.CPCFoundation.com.

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