Almost unbelievable.

Did you think you would ever see this in your lifetime?

 •    The IRS monitoring the content of a pastor’s sermon
 •    Government contracts given only to organizations that agree with the administration’s view of sexuality
 •    Schools and businesses firing employees for holding Christian beliefs

Help us make sure these kinds of things are stopped.

Many Americans don’t know about the increasing attacks on religious liberty:  

    Executive Order Forces Christians To Forfeit Religious Freedom, Or No Federal Money 

    IRS to Churches: You Can’t Discuss Public Policy 

    Christian Colleges Threatened with Widespread Closure

This is not just a threat anymore, this is real. It is critical that we stop this right now before it goes any further! We must work together to reverse these attempts to eradicate your religious freedom, and ensure that the laws are strengthened to protect religious freedom. 

We can win against these aggressive attacks on faith’s enduring place in America the way we always have, with prayer and action.

•    Our legislators are passing laws to ensure religious liberty is enforced
•    Our initiatives are reversing the momentum and affirming God’s place in America
•    Our partners are taking a stand at state houses to reverse the attacks on faith

Your gift will help us ensure your religious liberty now and protect it for your children.

We can’t rely on defense only. We can’t simply hope that we will win in court. With judges abandoning their oath to uphold the constitution, we must be pro-active and go on the offense.

We have built a growing network of over 400 government leaders in 15 states, and are equipping them to be front line defenders of religious freedom. They are standing against the aggressive anti-God agenda that is sweeping this country into moral decline.

We have launched the ‘In God We Trust. Put It Up!’ initiative that is providing people with a way to put God back up in our schools. In opposition to the symbols of faith being challenged in every direction, we are successfully placing our national motto in congressional offices, in government buildings and schools. Our legislators are passing legislation to put “In God We Trust” in classrooms, citizens are organizing nationwide art contests around the theme of “In God We Trust”. Over 20,000 “In God We Trust” window decals have been sold in just the first weeks of our MILLION WINDOW campaign.

Our Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation staff is providing updates and action steps for over 70,000 prayer partners.

Your membership of $10, $29 or $100 dollars per month can help turn this country around.

Some believe things are too far gone, but we don’t believe that. We have seen the momentum shift when citizens get involved in prayer, action and giving.

I believe in the power of prayer. So will you join me in praying that we will be victorious in the battle to preserve America’s Religious Heritage?

Will you join us by becoming a partner in the battle?

Let’s keep working together to put our faith in action and proclaim it is “In God We Trust!” 


About CPCFoundation

An unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying Legislators and citizens who are taking action to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty.
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