Urgent ACTION ALERT! We need your help.

We need your prayer and action to provide a united front against this latest assault on the right of your elected officials to publicly pray and engage in prayer events.

Last year, the Colorado Court of Appeals, in a May 10th ruling, struck down the Governor’s ability to establish any official proclamation Manhattan Declaration-Decl of Indfor prayer in the state. This troubling outcome not only threatens the religious liberties of the citizens of Colorado, but it has significant national implications that are potentially devastating. The ruling comes on the heels of and overturns an earlier decision by Colorado District Judge, R. Michael Mullins, in October, 2010, who had dismissed the original case filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Even though this ruling was initially met with great disappointment and concern, people of faith from across the state and the entire country, rallied together. As a result, Governor John Hickenlooper responded by having Colorado Attorney General, John Suthers, file an appeal with the State Supreme Court in June of last year. The Petition for Certiorari to appeal the decision regarding religious proclamations was recently accepted, but now more than ever, we must seize the moment and persevere, especially before a national precedent is allowed to be established.

Make no mistake, the Colorado ruling is a test case with similar actions by anti-faith organizations likely to spread throughout the country unless we collectively take our stand and say, “Enough is enough!” If we do not prevail, consider the repercussions of such a decision on religious liberty, and any government official who participates in public prayer and legislative prayer caucuses.

Our good friends with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) are assisting in this important litigation. Others, like Shirley Dobson, Chairperson for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, are also lending their support to this vital cause. We are committed to standing with them and are therefore issuing a Call For Prayer and Action for such a time as this.  The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation is calling on all government members of the American Prayer Caucus Network nationwide to stand united against this latest effort to suppress the public prayers of our elected leaders. 

Much in the same way that God raised up Esther to a position of influence before the king and his court, we believe that He has placed each of the over 500 members of the American Prayer Caucus Network in state and federal Houses for the purpose of making a difference in this nation—to protect our rich heritage and First Amendment Freedoms. Now is the time for our voices to be heard—to stand in unity on behalf of religious liberty and challenge the voices of the few who would seek to silence the many.

In the same way that we are asking government leaders to do their part, would you consider giving a donation to help us continue to take strategic action on your behalf. Click to give a one time donation or become a Praytriot Member for $10, $29 or $100 per month.

f_godblessamerica_vsmIn 1775, the Continental Congress implored the colonies to set aside a day for, “prayer, humiliation and fasting” and for God’s wisdom in forming this great nation. Similar calls were issued in 1779 during the Revolutionary War, by President John Adams in 1798, and by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 during the height of the Civil War. A joint resolution by Congress in 1952 and signed by President Truman, instituted an annual National Day of Prayer. Three decades later, President Reagan permanently set aside the first Thursday of every May for this solemn purpose. Each year, all 50 Governors and the President of the United States sign proclamations that reaffirm this tradition.

For nearly 240 years, our country has placed its trust in God demonstrated through prayer. This simple act of humble faith has given the nation strength in wartime, dignity and compassion toward those less fortunate and hope in the face of unprecedented challenges.  The spirit of America is derived from deeply held Judeo-Christian values. We see these principles woven into the very fabric of our Founding Documents. They give substance to the freedoms we all cherish and echo in the words and prayers of patriots who rose up together when their country needed them.

Our goal is to make a concerted effort to show a united front, not only to advocate for the citizens of Colorado, but also to make a bold and public statement that this is a national issue and one worth fighting for.

Now is the time, please consider giving a one time donation or become a Praytriot Member for $10, $29 or $100 per month.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration in this matter. It is truly in God that we trust!


About CPCFoundation

An unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying Legislators and citizens who are taking action to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty.
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