The Power of One: For Such a Time As This

Is there a place for God in government anymore?  The City Council members of San Juan IN God We Trust State SealCapistrano, CA, certainly think so.  A recent vote to display the U.S. National motto, “In God We Trust” in their city hall was unanimous and after accepting a donation from local church-goers to cover the cost, two members were appointed to help determine where it should be displayed. Often, it only takes one person with the right passion, the right vision and to be purposed in the will, to see something through.

In today’s politically correct culture, it is acceptable to cry foul and cite misguided hyperbole about the separation of church and state, especially whenever elected officials open their meetings in prayer or display anything that contains the word, “God,” in it.  Though the outrage is almost instantaneous, thankfully in this case, the City Council of San Juan Capistrano was able to rise above the rhetoric and simply refer to the Resolution passed by Congress encouraging the public display of the national motto in government buildings and school classrooms.

The landslide Congressional vote (396-9) in favor of H.Resolution 13 has consistently trumped the various strategies of the anti-faith movement and provided momentous inspiration to leaders and citizens across the nation to incorporate God back into the public square. Thousands of government leaders have rejected pressure from atheists and other groups and continue to open their meetings in prayer, add our national motto to their state seals, prominently display the motto on government buildings, and require schools to show it in their classrooms.

A committed and proactive approach is the only effective strategy to defeat ongoing efforts where the judicial system is used to dismantle the tenets of faith that formed our great nation. This includes the threat of lawsuits to coerce city councils and school boards into capitulating and removing God and prayer from their official activities.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently announced they arIn God We Trust e challenging the placement of “In God We Trust” on our federal currency. There have also been several initiatives to remove the words, “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. The American Humanist Association recently asked a judge to declare these words unconstitutional and prohibit recitation of the Pledge in all Massachusetts schools.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF) has launched the “In God We Trust – Put It Up!” Campaign in order to better equip and empower citizens to combat the increasing attacks to strip away every vestige of God from public life. After numerous requests from our members to create needed resources, we have launched an online store with displays, yard signs, decals, and other useful tools. With the support of Congressional Prayer Caucus members and state and local officials, citizens are excited and hopeful at the thought they can do something tangible to preserve God’s enduring place and our rich Judeo-Christian heritage.

Thousands of citizens have received “In God We Trust” decals to place on their cars and (1)homes. Churches have mobilized members to place yard signs throughout their communities, while others are taking steps to contact locally elected leaders and school boards about displaying our motto–reminders of our freedom to trust in God. A supporter was motivated to stand in front of her favorite store to share about religious liberty and another wrote to the editor of her local paper resulting in a published article about the Campaign. Please share your stories with us! We would love to hear how you are impacting your own sphere of influence.

Jacquie Sullivan has seen hundreds of council chambers at City Halls respond to her efforts. In February 2002, she led the Bakersfield City Council in their historic “Yes Vote” to prominently display the national motto. Today, ten years later, there are well over 300 “Yes Vote” cities aligned with her organization, In God We Trust America, Inc.

It is our responsibility to earnestly seek God’s wisdom and direction–to take initiative in every arena and through every opportunity that presents itself. Do you see yourself with the Power of One? Is God calling you to step forward for such a time as this? Imagine the impact we could have if we each did our part? Please take time to consider how you can help protect America’s legacy of faith for generations to come! Your prayers, your continued support and your faithfulness, all make a difference in turning the tide.


About CPCFoundation

An unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying Legislators and citizens who are taking action to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty.
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