Are You Next?

Have you heard that Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino has vowed to block Chick-fil-A from opening a franchise in his city because the restaurant chain’s president, Dan Cathy, has dared to express his Christian principles. This is stunning when you consider America was founded on a Judeo-Christian values system!

On July 20th, Menino wrote a letter to Cathy, “urging” him to back out of his plans to locate in the Boston area.  What is the crime you ask? Menino and his supporters are outraged at the following statement Cathy made during an interview with the Baptist Press, “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that…we know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

How many of us are guilty of having the same sentiments?  Not only is it not a crime to live out one’s Christian faith in the public square, but this is also a blatant example of misguided and wrongful religious discrimination. Cathy was simply articulating his beliefs, not demanding that everyone else hold the same worldview. See for yourself – watch the video.

Menino and now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, have both taken the same unfortunate stance against Chick-fil-A, impeding the restaurant from doing business in their cities if they don’t change their public stance.  This is not merely a simple expression of opinion by two elected mayors, but a forceful attempt to impose their viewpoint in a disingenuous manner over the very population they purport to represent. Aren’t these cities part of a free society and one where its citizens can live out their faith without the fear of intimidation and harassment?  Apparently, some think otherwise. The Constitution–a document that evolved from our Judeo-Christian heritage–promotes religious liberty and guarantees protection from such persecution.

Should highly respected Gordon Conwell Seminary just outside of Boston or Wheaton College in Chicago, be asked or forced to vacate their property because they are likely to hold similar views? Where exactly does one draw such a line? Chick-fil-A is being bullied and we need to stand with them. Don’t wait until it’s your business or enterprise being threatened. One way to show your support is to join millions of Americans in celebrating Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on August 1st. These Mayors have clearly crossed the line and the implications are sobering for all of us. Dan Cathy is just one of the most recent headlines speaking about an ordinary citizen who is enduring an egregious attack on his personal and religious liberties.

The Newland Family have enjoyed life and pursued happiness; however, their liberty (as with millions of Americans) will be confronted with an entirely new and disturbing reality in just a few days.

If the increased tax burden and freedom of conscience issues are not enough to rouse the patriotic spirit infusing America, perhaps the piercing fact that personal and religious liberty are about to be drastically altered on August 1st, will sound the alarm and stir Liberty to action. The whirling dust storms caused by political and economic upheaval have blinded many Americans to the dire personal, physical, and spiritual consequences coming as a result of the new government healthcare mandate.

“The Newland family of Denver, CO, is among those whose religious liberties will be curtailed come August 1st, the date the sweeping mandate goes into effect. Since their family business is not a religious organization, they are not eligible for the one-year waiver the Obama administration has offered. The family runs Hercules Industries, a distributor of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation parts. This afternoon they find themselves in federal court asking for an injunction so that they might continue to enjoy the conscience rights they’ve always had over the 50-year history of the business. As Catholics, it would violate their conscience to provide insurance plans that cover abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception.” (Read more)

We believe our Congressional leaders can remedy the broken areas of the current healthcare system without infringing upon liberty, but “we the people” must take a stand and become a voice for families like the Newlands, businesses like Chick-fil-A and for future generations!

“America is a country founded on freedom, not on a presumption of government coercion,” Matthew Bowman, the Newlands’ lawyer from the Alliance Defending Freedom recently told me. “Religious freedom in America has always included the way people exercise their beliefs Monday through Friday, not just on Sundays and in soup kitchens. If the government succeeds in destroying religious freedom for family businesses, they won’t be able to allow Jesus Christ to reign over their entire lives.” It’s the freedom to be authentically Christian. (Read more)

Friends, there is a war against God and the very freedoms given us by Him. It is a spiritual battle, but one with chilling consequences on the way you and I are being allowed to live. America is the only nation that has integrated Judeo-Christian principles into our Founding Documents, impacting all spheres of influence, especially government. That was their intent.

We must look at the world around us and closely examine our own history to learn from it.

Our Founders experienced firsthand a similar “Mandate” over 230 years ago and were willing to pledge their lives and fortunes for true freedom. If we accept the notion that God should be confined to a church building or willingly allow government to become our master, then we have quenched the very fire that lights the torch of Lady Liberty.

This is our wake-up call – so much is at risk if we do not take a stand now.


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An unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying Legislators and citizens who are taking action to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty.
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