Good Heavens! Bible Class Officially OK For School


Good heavens! Bible class officially OK for school

District gives students option to learn from divinely inspired text

Posted: July 06, 2010
8:20 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Students in a California public school district will upgrade their textbooks this year – to the divinely inspired Word of God.

The Chino Valley School District in Chino, Calif., voted 5-0 in June to adopt a a year-long Bible course titled “Bible as/in Literature and History.”

“It is my belief that better understanding the Bible will help all students with their decision-making process,” Fred Youngblood, president of the Board of Education, told OneNewsNow.

The course will be available as a social-studies elective to 12th-grade students this school year and fulfill general requirements for admission to California State University and the University of California.

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According to course description provided by the district, “The course is a survey of the Bible with emphasis on its historical, literary, geographical, artistic, and cultural aspects. The course offers insight into the many historical events of the Bible. It treats the Bible as a great literary work in itself as well as a primary source of allusions found in countless works of literature, art, and music.”

Students will study the content and history of the Hebrew scriptures of the Old Testament in the first semester of the class and move on to the New Testament in the second semester. The curriculum will familiarize students with the influence of the Bible on law, history, literature and the culture of Western civilization.

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