Ten Commandments Restored

SPRINGFIELD — County officials said Tuesday, May 25, that the support for the return of the Ten Commandments stone monument has been “amazing.”

The Ten Commandments stone monument will be put back in front of the Clark County Common Pleas Court.

The monument, which was broken in two pieces during a hit-and-skip on Halloween night last year, should be back by July 1, county facilities director Jackie Ashworth told county commissioners at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The slab is at a quarry in Georgia, Ashworth said. Only four quarries nationwide have the ability to fix the stone, which contributed to the delay in getting in fixed, she said.

“That slab weighs almost a ton,” she added, describing the difficulty of getting the monument shipped.

Drake Monument in Springfield will set the monument back in place, with the county having to repair the foundation.

“The pins it sits on was destroyed when the monument was ripped from its base (during the accident),” she explained.

Ashworth said fixing the stone costs $10,250 — about twice as much than replacing it — with insurance covering $7,750.

However, officials opted to repair the monument rather than replace it to protect the county from potential lawsuits regarding the separation of church and state.

A national organization, the Alliance Defense Fund, has volunteered to cover any litigation that may occur from putting the monument back.

Authorities were not able to locate the vehicle that hit the stone.

Commissioners were pleased that the monument will be put back in place.

“The public sentiment on that has been amazing,” said Commissioner Roger Tackett. “We appreciate the public support.”

Commissioners John Detrick and David Hartley said they both received several calls about the issue.


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