Stop Rewriting History

Today, Liberty Institute announced the launch of, a site that offers concerned citizens the chance to sign a petition of support for the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), encouraging the elected body to keep the social studies standards, to stand strong against liberal attempts to distort the truth, and to not to delay the vote scheduled for Friday, May 21, 2010.

“After almost 18 months of review, educators, experts, parents and members of the business community are sending a message: stop the attempted liberal obstruction, distortion and takeover of education by the ACLU and their politically motivated friends and take a final vote as scheduled,” said Jonathan Saenz, director of legislative affairs for Liberty Institute.

“Earlier efforts to remove Christmas, religious heritage language, and the Liberty Bell were voted down by the Board,” Saenz added. “Now, the ACLU and their buddies are pressuring the SBOE to delay the vote. This is a true obstruction of the democratic process and a disservice to students.”

The battle over social studies in Texas has a national impact, as most textbooks in the country are likely to be based on the standards adopted in Texas. This is why national liberal groups, such as the ACLU, have joined local efforts to influence the outcome.

“These groups aren’t interested in teaching the truth,” said Kelly Shackelford, president/CEO of Liberty Institute. “They are pushing a liberal agenda, which includes teaching progressive ideology as well as a view of history that downplays American exceptionalism and paints America negatively. Texans want social studies taught accurately.”

Liberty Institute testified before the SBOE in the March meetings alongside numerous educators and concerned citizens, and will continue to work on and monitor the meetings coming up on May 19-21, 2010. Go to to sign the petition. Visit our Texas Legislative Update blog for ongoing information.

Liberty Institute is a non-profit policy and legal organization committed to protecting freedoms and strengthening families. Based in Dallas, Liberty Institute has an extension office in Austin where its legislative division is active in helping monitor public policy in Texas. Learn more at


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An unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying Legislators and citizens who are taking action to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty.
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