Lt. Governor of Mississippi Announces State Prayer Caucus

Watch Fox News Video of Lt. Governor of Mississippi announcing the State Prayer Caucus.

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Article from The Clarion Ledger:

Legislators may be at odds over the state budget, but they overwhelming agree on one thing – prayer.

Lawmakers from both houses passed a resolution forming the Mississippi Legislative Prayer Caucus, a prayer group at the Capitol.

The state is following the lead of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, which began meeting in 2005 at the United States Capitol to pray for the nation.

According to Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi is the first state to join with the Congressional Prayer Caucus. Sen. Perry Lee of Mendenhall will chair the group, though the chairmanship will rotate each year between members of the state House and Senate.

Bryant said legislators will be praying for the concerns of constituents and for guidance in the work they’re doing at the Capitol.


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One Response to Lt. Governor of Mississippi Announces State Prayer Caucus

  1. Rev. Carolyn Willis says:

    We have a prayer group that meets in our homes on some Saturdays to pray for our nation, those in authority, other countries and whomever the Lord puts on our hearts to pray for. At different times, the Holy Spirit has led us to pray for President Obama’s protection. The Holy Spirit would show us at the time we began to pray for him that someone was going to try to attack or kill him. As we prayed according to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, we would get the answer by hearing it on the news that following week where an attempt was made on his life. There have been times that the Holy Spirit has shown us a terrorist attack in a different city and we have seen the answer on the news where the attempted attack was stopped. We have seen the power of prayer move in so many situations. It is prayer that has kept our country from disaster by terrorist attacks. It is prayer that has kept our President from being harmed. It is prayer that has help guided Congress in making the right decisions. Prayer is a power source. Who do we call on in an emergency, it is the Lord. We as a people have been taught to pray to our God. If we stop, then we remove God’s protection from around America. No America is not right in everything, but as we stand before our God and repent for the sins that America has done, we give God another opportunity to work on America’s behalf. What would happen if the Lord would have everyone that is praying for America, Congress, the President and all those who are in authority to stop praying for 21 days? What disasters would happen throughout the land? Only God knows. Think about this.

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