Three Important Articles Pertaining to Our Faith and Freedom

Lord, silence the voice of our opposition and render them powerless. In Jesus’ Name.

Group wants evangelist’s Pentagon event canceled

(AP) – 18 hours ago

DENVER — A watchdog group is demanding the Pentagon cancel plans for an evangelist to speak at a National Day of Prayer observance, citing his past description of Islam as “evil.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said Tuesday that Muslims who work at the Pentagon objected to evangelist Franklin Graham’s planned appearance.

The foundation also wants the Pentagon to limit its ties with the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a Colorado group that organizes Christian events for the prayer day.

The foundation says the Pentagon’s relationship with the task force amounts to improper preferential treatment.

The Pentagon and a spokesman for Graham’s ministry say they are locating officials to respond. A spokesman for the task force didn’t immediately return a call.

Lord’s Prayer recital draws spirited crowd

Gathering a response to suit threat over Sevier commission custom

By Robert Wilson

Monday, April 19, 2010

SEVIERVILLE – There was a tent-revival feel in the atmosphere Monday evening as an estimated 500 people heeded the call to gather at the historic Sevier County Courthouse to show their disdain for a threatened lawsuit aimed at ending the County Commission practice of reciting the Lord’s Prayer to open its regular meetings.

They came in cars, trucks and church buses to join the event, which started as not much more than a pastor’s suggestion but mushroomed into a full-blown gospel happening complete with prayers shouted to the heavens and spontaneous singing of hymns.

Legal counsel for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, according to published reports, sees litigation against the Lord’s Prayer at commission meeting as almost inevitable.

But if they bring their case to Sevier County, their name will not be hallowed and their trespasses almost certainly not forgiven.

The regular commission meeting was scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, but nearly 100 had gathered on the courthouse lawn before 6.

The Rev. Tony Sutton, pastor of New Centers Baptist Church in Sevier County, was the apparent originator of the idea to form a human chain all the way around the courthouse for prayer before the meeting. The crowd easily accomplished that goal.

Sutton told the crowd he is not trying to “shove religion down anyone’s throat or impose anything on anyone.

“All we want to do is just pray.”

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School Pushes For Dismissal Of Prayer Challenge

Senior Wants To Stop Prayer At Graduation

GREENWOOD, Ind. — A central Indiana school district is pushing for the dismissal of a lawsuit that looks to prevent prayer at high school graduation.In papers filed in federal court, attorneys for the Greenwood Community School Corporation ask that the case be thrown out, and that the student behind the challenge pay the district’s legal fees and expenses, 6News’ Rafael Sanchez reported.Eric Workman, 18, a top-ranked senior at Greenwood High School, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana have asked a federal judge to stop a student-led prayer that the senior class voted to approve, claiming the prayer and class vote unconstitutionally subjects students to religious practice.

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One Response to Three Important Articles Pertaining to Our Faith and Freedom

  1. Noel says:

    Nowhere does the U.S. Constitution restrict students from being subjected to religious practice. It does restrict the Congress from establishing a state religion. Being in the presence of someone who is praying does not establish a state religion. The Constitution also prohibits the government from preventing the free excercise of religion — which is exactly what the students at Greenwood H.S. are asking to do. This is not rocket science. Let’s not read something into the Constitution that just not there.

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