Implant Microchips Against Their Will?

There are varying opinions regarding the Biblical information associated with this article. We do not attempt to infer anything other than bills such as this one aligns with CPCF’s goal to preserve, protect, and defend our religious and individual freedom. What do you think?

“As a Christian, I believe there is a time that Christ will come back to receive His people home, and that’s just the basis of what the Bible shows, and that there will be an antichrist that arises during that time, and those that remain, to buy or sell anything, they will have to take on this mark. I don’t know that it’s a microchip.” -Virginia Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr.

Microchip in hand(Richmond, Virginia)—Virginia’s House of Delegates passed a bill last week that will protect Virginians from attempts by employers or insurance companies to implant microchips in their bodies against their will.

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One Response to Implant Microchips Against Their Will?

  1. Del says:

    I certainly agree with Sen. Carrico, that we don’t know how this chip fits in the biblical warnings about the days of the anti-christ. I do know that I don’t want devices implanted in my body that could be used for a multiplicity of inappropriate purposes of state for federal government.
    … There is serious discussion going on right now about whether or not the government should be able to track our locations through cell phones, ipods, blackberrys, etc. Those who are pushing for this say that there should be no expectation of privacy in our use of these devices. That is certainly not the point. There is no authorization granted by we the governed that they can interpret that our location is any of their business. Tracking devices are, and, I believe, being used to track certain convicted felons. I have no problem with this useage, after due process, to protect the general population from these felons.
    … I feel very strongly that we need to exert every constitutional protection against the government gaining knowledge about our “…persons, houses, papers, and effects…” as so stated in the Fourth Amendment and related to in the general exclusions as stated in the Ninth & Tenth Amendments. I would even like to see a legal form produced that I could give to all of my health care providers that they may not provide any of my personal records in their care to any governmental agency.
    … An all knowing, all seeing government is going to soon become a tyrannical government of the worst kind.
    Sic semper tyrannis!

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