It is important to us that you feel encouraged in the midst of becoming aware of the situations affecting our faith and freedom. The articles we submit are  solely meant to alert you of situations that need to be covered in prayer. We are called to “pray without ceasing”; however the proper mindset is needed in order to not feel overwhelmed or discouraged. In the days ahead, it is imperative that we focus on the power of God, maintain an optimistic attitude; believing that God can change the circumstances.

There are multiple examples in the Bible of God bringing victory to the Israelites in miraculous ways; ways they would never have imagined – even overnight! As we remain faithful, obedient, hopeful, and persistent…God will help us.

Below are some recent victories reported by organizations on the “front lines”. Continue to keep these organizations in prayer…

Wash. college agrees to end discrimination against pro-life students– 9.28.2009

Community Colleges of Spokane and Spokane Falls Community College officials agreed to a court order Thursday that settles a lawsuit filed after they attempted to unconstitutionally silence the pro-life message of a student group. SFCC officials threatened student Beth Sheeran, represented by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, and other members of a Christian student group with disciplinary measures, including expulsion, if they chose to hold a pro-life event on campus because the information they were sharing with other students was deemed “discriminatory” and did not include a pro-abortion viewpoint. Read more…

NY school district agrees to recognize Christian club– 9.14.2009

The Lindenhurst Union Free School District has granted official recognition to a student-led Christian club following a settlement with the Alliance Defense Fund. ADF attorneys filed a federal lawsuit in February after the New York school district repeatedly refused to recognize the group. Read more…

Mich. VA hospital provides access for chaplain seeking to pray, read Bible with fellow vets– 9.9.2009

After receiving two letters from Alliance Defense Fund attorneys, hospital officials at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center have agreed to allow the chaplain of two veterans’ organizations access to patients. Previously, hospital officials denied Martin Colburn, a Christian chaplain, from visiting patients who asked to meet with him. Read more…

‘God’ no longer censored in Wilson County Schools– 8.31.2009

The Wilson County School District has consented to a court order that affirms the religious freedom and freedom of speech for all students in the district. In March, Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against the district after school officials had censored the word “God” from student-made posters promoting National Day of Prayer and See You at the Pole events. The court issued an injunction in May that halted the censorship while litigation continued. Read more…

Texas A&M: Christian club may remain Christian– 8.28.2009

After receiving a letter from the Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom written on behalf of a Christian student club, Texas A&M officials agreed Thursday to continue recognizing the group as an official university student organization without forcing it to abandon its core beliefs and purpose. The university agreed with ADF attorneys that forcing Freshman Leaders in Christ (FLiC) to open its membership to non-Christians–or lose its recognized status on campus–would violate the group’s constitutional rights. Read more…

Elk River bucks discriminatory religious use policy after letter from ADF– 8.25.2009

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys have received a positive response to a letter they sent to the town of Elk River urging it to stop its discriminatory policies restricting the use of its public library and park for religious purposes. The city has rescinded its problematic facility access policies, scrapping a library access policy that flatly banned religious meetings and rewriting a recreation facility policy that charged religious groups extra fees that other non-profits were not required to pay. Read more…

La Crosse officials adopt ADF-recommended invocations policy despite threats– 8.24.2009

The La Crosse City Council has adopted an invocations policy after receiving legal counsel from Alliance Defense Fund attorneys that will allow the council to continue opening public meetings with prayer. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue the city over the practice. Read more…

Court order to purge religious displays from part of church-run store reversed– 8.20.2009

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has reversed a federal judge’s order to remove all religious displays from a church-run contract postal unit in Manchester, Conn. The court provided certain minimal guidelines for the church-run store to follow but ruled that it does not have to cleanse its facility of its Christian elements. Read more…

Christian man free to share faith in New Haven without fear of arrest– 8.18.2009

The city of New Haven has agreed to a court order issued Monday that will allow a man to resume expressing his Christian faith on public sidewalks. In 2005, Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit against the New Haven Police Department after officers threatened to arrest the man for “annoying” passersby. Read more…

Clean sweep for NY church in settlement with Broome Community College– 8.18.2009

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys have reached a favorable settlement agreement with Broome Community College on behalf of North Pointe Church, which is now allowed equal access to campus facilities after being told it was no longer permitted to meet on campus. ADF attorneys filed suit in February over the school’s discriminatory policy prohibiting religious groups from renting its buildings for meetings while allowing other similarly situated community groups to do so. Read more…

Case dismissed: Kansas court throws out unfounded charges against pro-life advocate– 8.13.2009

A judge dismissed criminal charges Wednesday against a pro-life woman arrested in the driveway of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for allegedly blocking traffic entering and leaving its parking lot. The city alleged that a police officer issued an order to Carrie Kafka prior to her arrest to cease her activities, but the officer stated at trial that he observed no wrongdoing by Kafka and did not order her to cease her activities. Video evidence from the day of the arrest confirms Kafka never prevented vehicles from accessing the clinic. Read more…

Pro-life student group reaches settlement with Wayne St. Univ. over funds, access– 8.13.2009

Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom have reached a favorable settlement on behalf of a pro-life student organization in a lawsuit against officials of Wayne State University. WSU has agreed to change its unconstitutional student fee and facilities use policies and pay back previously denied student fee funds. Read more…

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